Just Lupo it! The new lupo floor stripper WITH SELF-DRIVE

Removing old floor coverings is often a challenge when renovating buildings. This is where Wolff comes in with its innovative Lupo floor stripper, which has been specially developed to remove coverings such as PVC, linoleum, rubber and textile floor coverings quickly and without leaving any residue. The Lupo is characterised by a powerful self-drive system that efficiently drives both the impact mechanism and the drive unit.

Less energy consumption, more power

The Lupo significantly reduces overall energy consumption while increasing energy efficiency, which is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-efficient. With a total weight of just 90 kg and compact dimensions of 615 x 413 x 1,050 mm, this floor stripper is ideal for transport and handling on different construction sites. A working width of 250 mm and the ability to continuously adjust the blade angle enable the Lupo to remove a wide range of floor coverings precisely and thoroughly.

Safety and user-friendliness

A key feature of the Lupo is its user-friendliness. The pullback function allows the machine to be moved backwards during operation, which enables precise handling. Additional safety is provided by the built-in dead man's switch, which stops the machine immediately if contact with the operator is interrupted.

Versatile and mobile

The Lupo is not only powerful, but also flexible to use. Its low weight and efficient design facilitate mobility on the construction site and transport between job sites. Whether large areas or small corners, the Lupo adapts to every challenge and guarantees fast and clean work results thanks to its efficient drive.

Conclusion: The Wolff Lupo - an impressive floor stripper

With the Wolff Lupo, Wolff has created a machine that impresses with its innovative technology, efficiency and user-friendliness. Investing in a Lupo floor stripper means less labour, lower operating costs and fast, efficient results when removing floor coverings. Ideal for professionals who prioritise quality and efficiency.




Simple and precise
Need to take a step back? It‘s easy with the Lupo. The built-in pullback function allows the machine to be moved backwards during operation, enabling you to work with particular precision.


Multifunctional and reliable
Thanks to its infinitely variable blade angle adjustment in combination with a working width of 250 mm, numerous materials such as PVC flooring, linoleum, rubber and textile floor coverings can be removed without leaving any residue.


Smart and efficient
A practical speciality: The Lupo has a self-drive motor. This means that the impact mechanism and travel drive are operated simultaneously. This reduces energy consumption and increases your efficiency.


Flexible and space-saving
With a weight of 90 kg and a compact design, the Lupo ensures improved mobility and easy handling. At the same time, it can be transported to the construction site or its next location to save space.


Lupo in Action

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