Subfloor preparation The key to a durable and complaint-free floor

Subfloor preparation is a crucial step when laying floor coverings. Regardless of whether it is screed, concrete or other substrates, the floor should be dust-free, level and free of old layers. Thorough preparation of the subfloor ensures that the floor covering is not only visually appealing, but also durable and resistant. Wolff offers a wide range of high-quality machines and tools for this essential phase of floor laying.

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Steps for subfloor preparation

  1. Evaluate the substrate: The first phase of subfloor preparation is to assess the condition of the existing floor. It is important to recognise any unevenness, cracks or separation layers.
  2. Removal: Now it's time to remove the old layers. Mill off any adhesive residue or levelling compound. The more carefully residues are removed, the better the end result. This step is mainly used for renovating old buildings.  However, there may also be separating layers on new screeds that need to be removed.  
  3. Cleaning: Clean the floor thoroughly before the actual preparation. A cleaning sanding removes the last irregularities, dirt or old coatings (in the case of renovations) from the surface. Finally, Wolff industrial vacuum cleaners are ideal for removing all dust and dirt.
  4. Smoothing and levelling: Wolff grinding and milling machines can be used to smooth the floor and remove any unevenness. These machines are essential for creating a level surface for the subsequent floor installation.
  5. Priming and levelling: Levelling tools and agitators from Wolff make it possible to prime the floor and apply levelling compound evenly. This gives you an optimum surface for laying the floor.



Thorough inspection: Before you start, inspect the floor carefully. This will ensure that you identify all problem areas.

Correct tool selection: Choose the appropriate machines and tools for the specific soil type and specific requirements of your subfloor preparation.

Utilise specialist knowledge: Don't hesitate to contact our experts or attend our training courses. We are happy to share our knowledge so that you can make optimum use of Wolff machines and tools.

Grinding and milling machines and accessories

Wolff is your partner for high-quality grinding and milling machines. We specialise in efficient subfloor preparation. Our range includes powerful floor grinders, precise edge grinders and versatile single disc grinders. In addition to the machines, we offer an extensive range of accessories. These include high-quality segments, sandpaper and sanding discs to further optimise your work. Rely on Wolff to achieve the best results in subfloor preparation with our grinding and milling machines. 

Grinding and milling machines

Grinding and milling machines Accessories


Industrial vacuum cleaners and accessories

Discover the powerful industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners and dust extractors from Wolff. We have developed these specifically for the efficient removal of coarse dirt and fine dust. In addition to our high-performance vacuum cleaners, we supply a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure optimum cleaning performance. They are ideal for vacuuming up dust, sometimes even very fine and harmful particles. Some models enable thorough wet and dry cleaning, while others guarantee maximum safety and efficiency with dust class M or H certification. We also offer powerful pre-separators that effortlessly handle large quantities of coarse dirt and fine dust. Discover Wolff's solutions for a clean and safe working environment.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

Levelling Tools

At Wolff, you will find high-quality levelling tools for professionals. Our selection includes everything you need for the efficient application of levelling compounds and adhesives. Discover our surface fillers, smoothing trowels, squeegees and various special fillers that make any subfloor preparation child's play. With our levelling tools, you can achieve perfect results in every project. 

Levelling Tools

Mixers and accessories

You will find an extensive selection of mixers in the Wolff range. As well as suitable accessories that are indispensable for every construction site. Our product range includes various mixers, mixing buckets and mixing stations. We have specially developed these to make your day-to-day work more efficient. Whether for thin or thick mortar, levelling compounds, coatings, tile adhesives or levelling compounds - Wolff has the right mixer for every requirement. With our high-quality mortar mixers, we guarantee optimum mixing and consistent quality of your mixtures. This allows you to achieve precise results. Discover the variety of our mixers now and improve your work processes with Wolff.

Mixers and Accessories


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