Floor stripper accessories

Additional weight 30kg for Turbo Stripper

Additional weight 30kg for Turbo Stripper

Blade case BiTurbo/Turbo

Blade case for Turbo and Bi-Turbo Stripper with a selection of blades for different applications.

Blade case Vario

Blade case for Vario Stripper with all important blades for different applications

Blade holder set RamHammer

For mounting blades on the RamHammer

Carrying aid BiTurbo

Carrying aid for easier transportation.

Chassis for BiTurbo, Turbo and Extro Stripper

Chassis for BiTurbo, Turbo and Extro Stripper

Chassis for Duro Stripper

Chassis only for Duro Stripper

Grease gun/special grease for striking mechanisms

Grease gun and special grease for lubrication of the striking mechanism

Independence and Maverick additional weight

Additional weight each 12.5 kg for the Independence Stripper

Independence and Maverick battery

Lithium-ion 5kW - 100 Ah battery for Independence stripper

Independence and Maverick blade holder

For holding blades of various widths and material thicknesses

Independence and Maverick Blades for Parquet and Covering Removal

Blade made of a stainless, tempered high-performance cutting steel for stubborn floors and parquet flooring

Independence and Maverick cold steel u-shaped blade

Made of special steel for thick, stubborn floor coverings

Independence and Maverick connecting cable remote control

Connecting cable for the connection of machine and remote control

Independence and Maverick ramp

Lightweight, mobile and foldable ramp for safe loading of the Independence

Independence and Maverick Spare Blades

Spare blades for Independence stripper in different sizes and variants

Independence and Maverick transport chassis

Transport chassis for the Independence Stripper

Independence and Maverick U-Blade

For simultaneous pre-cutting and removal of the coverings

Independence Carbide chisel

For the removal of very firmly bonded tiles and mineral coatings

Independence Extension Tool chisel and blade holder

With the help of the extension, the coating is removed from the machine at a greater distance.

Independence Hammer chisel

Suitable for the removal of normally bonded tiles

PM 200 set of indexable inserts (incl. screws)

PM 200 set of indexable inserts (incl. screws)

PS 230 accessories

Accessories for wood and screed cutter PS 230

RamHammer Half shell set

Extend the versatility of your pile driver with our innovative half-shells for Bosch, Makita and Dewalt. These precision-manufactured sets allow you to convert your existing trolley with ease.

RamHammer Trolley

Trolley for holding a Bosch GSH 16-30 demolition hammer

RamHammer Trolley for Makita and Dewalt

Tailor-made RamHammer Trolley for Makita and Dewalt.
Model compatibility Makita: HM1317C
Model compatibility Dewalt: D25960K

Replacement blade Lupo-Stripper

Various replacement blades for the Lupo stripper

Robo Stripper locking device for torsion joint

Locking device for torsion joint for the Robo Stripper

Spare blades for wooden floors Robo & BiTurbo Stripper

Different spare blades for Robo & BiTurbo Stripping machines

Spare blades Junio Stripper

Replacement blades for Junio-Stripper in different sizes and versions

Spare blades RamHammer

Knives made of stainless and tempered high-performance cutting steel

Spare blades Robo Stripper

Several spare blades for Robo Stripper

Standard spare blades for Duro-Stripper

Replacement blades for Bravo-, Duro- and Eco-Stripper

Standard spare blades for Robo-, BiTurbo, Turbo & Extro-Stripper

Different replacement blades for Robo-, BiTurbo-, Turbo- and Extro-Stripper

Three-star grip screw/nut

For fastening the additional weight of the Turbo-Stripper and the hood of the Turbo - and Extro-Stripper

Twin wheels for Robo Stripper

Mountable with 3 screws to widen the track for improved traction

Wood flooring Stripper set for Turbo

Perfect kit for the removal of hardwood floors

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools