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The removal of old floor coverings is an important step in renovation and refurbishment work. To remove various materials such as carpet, PVC, parquet or other floor coverings, WOLFF offers specialised machines and tools that make this process efficient and safe. Floor covering removal is not only an issue in residential buildings. Flooring removal is also a common scenario in commercial and industrial properties during remodelling or renovation work. Schools, hospitals and office buildings benefit from fast and effective processing with our specialised machines. With the right technology and the right equipment, the new design can begin on a clean and even surface.

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Professional floor covering removal ensures that the subfloor can be prepared for the safe installation of the new covering. All loose or separating layers can then be removed in the next step using grinding or milling machines. For the installation of new floor coverings, it is essential that the subfloor is smooth and clean.



Floor coverings can be removed manually or with the help of machines. Manual methods such as using scrapers or scraper claws are often labour-intensive and time-consuming, especially for large areas or very firmly adhering floor coverings. This is where floor strippers come into play, which are specially designed for the quick and efficient removal of floor coverings. Modern stripper machines are powerful machines designed to remove different types of floor coverings, be it carpet, tiles or PVC, to name but a few. WOLFF machines work primarily with mechanical systems that detach the floor covering from the substrate with significantly less effort. The wheel drive on our WOLFF stripper machines makes work considerably easier, as it facilitates manoeuvring the machine. This technical feature reduces the physical effort of the operator and enables faster and less tiring work.



Using a floor stripper to remove floor coverings offers numerous advantages:

  1. Efficiency: Stripping machines reduce the physical effort and time required to remove old flooring.
  2. Thoroughness: They also remove glued flooring very thoroughly, which creates a clean base for the new installation.  A sharp blade can also remove a large proportion of the adhesive. Compared to removing the flooring by hand, this requires significantly less sanding. This saves considerable time and effort.
  3. Versatility: Whatever the floor covering, the modern technology of WOLFF appliances offers solutions for all floor coverings.



When selecting a stripper machine, you should consider the following points:

Type of floor covering: Different floor coverings require different types of stripper. Check the suitability of the machine for your specific floor covering. For example, a stripper with a percussion mechanism is suitable for removing parquet, while a stripper with an oscillating blade movement is suitable for removing carpet or PVC. Our specialist advisors and application technicians will be happy to help you choose the right machine.

Area size: WOLFF offers stripper machines for small, medium and large areas. For larger areas, a more powerful soil stripper with a larger working width is worthwhile in order to complete the work more quickly and vice versa. 

Ergonomics and operation: Look for user-friendly models that minimise physical strain. Using the right techniques and tools will not only make flooring removal more efficient, but also safer. Whether you are removing carpet or removing stubborn, bonded PVC flooring, the right preparation and equipment are critical to a successful project.

Floor stripper

For professionals who don't compromise, Wolff offers a comprehensive range of floor strippers suitable for any challenge. A floor stripper, also known as a stripper machine or carpet stripper, is a powerful tool specifically designed to remove floor coverings of all kinds. These machines are available in different sizes and performance classes and can therefore be adapted to different types of flooring and substrates. Whether you want to remove stubborn floor coverings or simply work quickly and efficiently, our floor strippers are the solution. With robust designs that are built to last and maximise performance, our machines can handle any job.

Floor Stripper


Are you looking for the perfect accessories for your stripper machine? Wolff has everything you need to take your work to the next level! Discover our wide range of high-quality accessories: from versatile replacement blades that are suitable for different materials and requirements, to robust trolleys that make it easier to transport your machine and increase mobility on the construction site. Whether it's a practical grease gun or efficient additional weights, you can rely on quality and efficiency. 

Floor Stripper Accessories


With our hand tools such as hand scrapers, carpet clamps or floor scrapers, we offer you manual solutions for the removal of floor coverings, such as the removal of old carpet. Or discover the practical Ergo Cutter Pro, with which you can make precise pre-cuts for textile floor coverings. WOLFF hand tools make it possible.

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