Textile flooring

Adjustable knee kicker Applying Floors

Adjustable knee kicker

Carpet awl Applying Floors

Tool for perfect guidance for textile floors

Carpet cutter Applying Floors

For all textile coverings, except foam backing

Carpet cutter (metal version) Applying floors

Carpet cutter in sturdy metal design

Carpet pins /-needles Applying floors

Carpet pins and carpet needles

Carpet scissors Applying Floors

For applying textile flooring

Carpet seam roller Applying floors

For the preparation of seams during carpet installation

Carpet shears Applying Floors

Universally applicable carpet shears 

Carpet strip cutter 45 - 100 mm Applying Floors

For cutting skirting strips from 45 to 100 mm

Carpet strip cutter C-cut Applying Floors

For exact cutting of carpet skirting

Circle cutter Applying Floors

Circle cutter for the repair of carpets

Circular cutter Professional Applying Floors

Professional circular cutter and scriber for elastic and textile coverings as well as parquet and laminate

Claw tool Applying Floors

Practical tool for applying textile floor coverings

Double head stretcher Applying Floors

Developed and manufactured by WOLFF for the compensation of pattern distortion, as well as for web and seam corrections

Easycut Applying Floors

Edge cutter for textile coverings, PVC and CV coverings

Fräsjunior Applying floors

For grooving all types of resilient flloring

Fräsmaster Applying floors

The No. 1 groover with carbide grooving disc

Glide with removable felt cover and handle Applying Floors

Professional tool for applying floors

Grooving and welding set Applying floors

Ideal for floor layers working in small to medium sizes on a daily basis.

Leister Triac AT 230V Applying floors

Robust hot air tool for welding and shrinking of plastic

Leister Triac Set AT Applying floors

Hand-operated Triac AT as a complete kit in a case.

Leister Triac Set ST Applying floors

Hand-operated Triac ST welding machine with electronic control and cooled protection tube

Leister Triac ST 230V Applying floors

Hand-operated welding machine Triac ST with electronic control and cooled protection tube

LS 35 Applying floors

Electric strip cutter for lino and vinyl for the production of skirting boards, flooring friezes and stair coverings

LS 65 Applying floors

Electric strip cutter for lino and vinyl for the production of skirting boards, flooring friezes and stair coverings

Mittag cutter Applying Floors

Mittag cutter for all textile floors except foam backing

Napping shears Applying Floors

Different napping shears

Phoenix 1600 Applying floors

Hand operated welding machine Phoenix 1600

Phoenix 1600 Set Applying floors

Hand operated welding machine Phoenix 1600 with comprehensive accessories in useful systainer box

Phoenix 3400 Applying floors

Hand welder for heating vinyl flooring and skirting boards

Piranha Applying floors

For precise cutting of door frames and skirting boards

Piranha accessories Applying floors

Accessories for door frame saw Piranha

Pressure rollers Applying Floors

With carrying handles for more convenient transportation

Railcut Applying Floors

Seam cutter for creating a perfect seam for resilient floor coverings for example, rubber and vinyl as well as soft textile coverings

Repair grooving machine Applying floors

Grooving machine for safe and accurate milling of welding cords and fusion wires

Roll transport trolley Applying Floors

For transporting and unrolling flooring rolls with a diameter of up to 80 cm

Rubbing device for vinyl, linoleum & carpet Applying Floors

Lightweight, handy tool for rubbing floor coverings, especially for stairs and edges

Seam clamp Applying Floors

To hold difficult seams until the adhesive sets

Seam roller Applying floors

Seam roller with barrel shaped steel roller

Seam roller, 13 cm wide Applying Floors

Woven or bonded carpet seams are firmly pressed into the adhesive to create a perfect join

Stair scriber Applying Floors

For scribing stair flooring

Stair tool Applying Floors

To fix carpets behind the gripper or near stairs

Weldmaster 2.0 Applying floors

The welding machine for professionals

Wolff carpet cutter Applying Floors

Carpet cutter specially designed for woven and tufted fine velours

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools